Event Branding



Special Olympics National Games 2014 logo is an Olympic figure that represents Melbourne's strong connection with sports through the geometric figure that is inspired by the iconic Federation Square.

Design by Cato Purnell Partners, Melbourne  




Everyone Can Fly is the inspirational theme song for athletes to follow their passion and achieve their best at the Games. Click here to listen and download.

Sincere thanks to the generous contribution of:

  • Composer: Bettina Spivakovsky
  • Lead vocalist: Cynthia Gallie
  • Keys/strings: David Cameron
  • Guitar/drums: Pat Carroll
  • Recorded: Pete Darcy's Studio Secret Sounds


SLOGAN - "Competing with Pride"

Special Olympics athletes are talented, dedicated and proud. Just like other athletes they push themselves, training to be the best they can be. Choosing ability over disability; competition over complacency. They are proud of their achievements and so are their supporters. At the Special Olympics National Games 2014 each athlete will be Competing with Pride.